Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM)
   ESEM is suitable for SEM analysis requiring imaging at micron scale bar with high depth of field. Normal High Vacuum, Low Vacuum as well as environmental modes are operational.
    Kindly download Material Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Facility Details  

Make : FEI
Model : Quanta 200
Specification :
Resolution : 3.0 nm resolution at 30 kV
Magnification : 25X to 20,000X
Accelerating Voltage : 200 V to 30 kV
Vacuum Modes : High Vacuum, Low vacuum, ESEM Mode

   Working Principle   

The FEI Quanta 200 scanning electron microscope is a versatile microscope with a tungsten electron source and three modes of operation. High vacuum (HV) mode allows analysis of electrically conducting and non conducting samples (non conducting samples can be analysed after sputter coating) Low Vacuum & ESEM modes allow analyzing biological and insulating samples without coating.


     Fractography (samples which have bigger dimensions
        can be analyzed.)
     Micro drilling and cutting tools
     Dental and medical  
     Polymer science
     Energy science/Engg.
     Biological and life sciences
     Civil and Earth Sciences
     ESEM Lab, Ground Floor,
     CRNTS/SAIF, IIT Bombay

   User Instructions   

    1. A requisition letter addressed to Head, SAIF along with a printout of electronic fund transfer (NEFT) proof should be sent by post or submitted in
       person to SAIF office, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076.
    2. If you are sending samples by post please mention sample details:
       a. Expected features you are looking for (send a representative picture if available).
       b. Morphology & expected size
       c. Required Magnification(range).
       d. Nature of sample (conducting OR non conducting)
       e. Solvent required for dispersion (Water,IPA,Ethanol,Acetone)
    3. Once we receive the requisition letter and advance payment, your appointment will be scheduled as per the queue.
    4. The users will be informed about their date and time of slot by e-mail. 
    6. The sample size should be less than 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm and base of the sample should be flat for mounting on sample holder.
    7. We prefer that you or your representative, who knows/understands the sample/material should be present on the day of appointment.
    8. Before proceeding further, please review How to Use Facility and Payment Procedure for more information.


      Head, CRNTS/SAIF IIT Bombay
      Contact : 022-21596862
      Email Id : head.crnts@iitb.ac.in

  Technical Staff   

      Mrs. Mayura Chaubal, Email Id : mayurasule@iitb.ac.in
      Ms. Rashmi R. Poojari, Email Id: 30004563@iitb.ac.in
      Contact : 022-2159 6862       Email Id : esem@iitb.ac.in

 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) Samplewise format, Charges GST for External users 

IndustryUniversityNational Lab/R&D'sIIT Bombay Users
Imaging 2360/-590/-1180/-250/-Per Sample
EDS 1180/-295/-590/-125/-Per Sample
EDS Mapping 1888/-472/-944/-200/-Per Sample