Fluorescence Spectrofluorometer

    Kindly download Analysis Request Form and Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Facility Details  

Make : Horriba, Jobin Vyon
Model : Fluorolog -3 (Purchased in 2006)
Specification : Wavelength Range - 200 to 1500 nm
  Monochromator - 2 in series on excitation side and 1 - 1 each on visible and NIR side emission side
  Light Source - 450 W Xenon Lamp
  Scanning Speed - 150 nm/sec
  Wavelength Accuracy - 0.5 nm
  Integration time -1ms to 160 s
  Detectors: visible (200-800nm)-PMT and NIR (800-1500nm)-Liq.N2 cooled InGaAs

     Medical diagnostics
     DNA sequencing
     Genetic analysis
     Qualitative and quantitative analysis


     1. Single Cell liquid Holder
     2. Solid Sample Holder
     3. Two Lasers 800nm and 980 nm are available for upconversion measuments

   Working Principle   

It is a rapid and sensitive method for the characterization of molecular components present in a sample. Fluorescence spectroscopy is a type of electromagnetic spectroscopy which analyzes fluorescent molecules. It exploits the phenomenon of electron excitation upon collision with high energy particles like photons and other excited electrons. In the process of transition of polyatomic fluorescent molecules (fluorophores) from their higher energy level (excited state) to a ground state by lowering their energy level, photons are emitted. Fluorophores play the most important role in fluorescence spectroscopy. Fluorophores are the components in molecules that impart fluorescence. Mostly, fluorophores are the molecules which contain aromatic rings such as tyrosine, tryptophan, fluorescein, etc.

   User Instructions   

     1. Provide solid samples in the powder form. Minimum required amount is approximately 40-50mg.
     2. Samples may be in liquid form. The required minimum amount is 2-3 ml.
     3. Samples can be submitted as thin film, Solid pellets, powder etc.
     4. MS-DS (Material Safety Data Sheet) should be given along with samples to ensure that there sample being given. Samples should not be toxic or hazardous.
      Samples will not be accepted unless MSDS is provided.

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 Fluorescence spectrofluorometer-system charges includes GST 

IndustryUniversityNational Lab/R&D'sIIT Bombay Users
Fluroescence specrtofluorometer 1180/- 236/-531 /- 100/- Per Sample