Typhoon FLA 9500 Biomolecular Imager

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Make : GE Healthcare Life Sciences
Model : Typhoon FLA 9500
Specification : Scanned image size: 40 × 46 cm
  Detection Sensitivity: Storage phosphor screen 14C: Detectable to 0.9 dpm/mm2
  Fluorescent: DNA/SYBR-Green 7 pg/band
  Enzyme-multiplied fluorescence sensitivity: pBR328/AttoPhos 100 fg/spot


Typhoon FLA 9500 is a robust and versatile laser scanner that is used of biomolecular imaging applications like western blots, multiples fluorescence, and radioisotopic labels by storage phosphor as well as digitization of colorimetric stains.

   Key Features
Detection mode:             Fluorescence, Phosphorimaging, digitization and Chemiluminescence
Excitation Wavelengths:       473 nm (blue LD) laser, 532 nm (green SHG laser), 635 nm (red LD laser), 685 nm (near IR LD laser), 785 nm (near IR LD laser)
Bit Depth:                  16-bit
Standard Filters:             IP (Phosphorimaging), LPB (510LP), LPG (575LP), LPR (665LP), LPR-Ch2 (665LP), BPB1 (530DF20) AND BPG1 (570DF20/665LP)
Radioisotopes:              3H, 11C, 14C, 125I, 18F, 32P, 33P, 35S, 99mTc


Typhoon FLA 9500 is a versatile laser scanner for biomolecular imaging applications, including the following:

     Sensitive and quantitative measurement of radioisotopic labels
     2D DIGE
     Visible single channel and multiplex fluorescence (ECL Plex Western blotting systems
     Near infrared fluorescence (optional)
     Colorimetric stains (e.g., Coomassie blue and silver-stained gels)
     Imaging of gel, membrane, etc. dyed or labelled with various fluorescent dyes at high sensitivity and high resolution
     Features very high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, high linearity, and high resolution
     Reusable storage phosphor screens

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